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First & Second Year Program

Courses of Study Covered in 2-Year Program

1st Year

Books of the Bible Old Testament Survey Life of Christ II
Genesis Gospel According to John
Exodus-Deuteronomy Acts of the Apostles
Hebrew History I
1 Corinthians
Life of Christ I
2 Corinthians & James
Language English Grammar I
English Grammar III 
English Grammar II
Bible Related Studies & Practical Field
Christian Evidences Preacher & His Work I
New Testament Church
Preacher & His Work II
Bible Geography
Preacher & His Work III


2nd Year

Books of the Bible Hebrew History II Thessalonians, Timothy & Titus
Job - Song of Solomon Galatians, Ephesians,
Philippians, Colossians
Jeremiah & Isaiah Hebrews & Philemon
Ezekiel & Daniel The Book of Revelation
Hosea - Malachi
Topical Bible Studies
General Epistles of Peter, John & Jude
Language New Testament Greek I
New Testament Greek III
New Testament Greek II
Bible Related Studies & Practical Field
General Bible Introduction Preacher & His Work IV
Church History Preacher & His Work V
Denominational Dogmas
Preacher & His Work VI